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Know Your Role As A Landlord

April 27, 2023

You made it. You are a real estate investor; a Landlord. Now What? A conversation with: Audrey Bailey With the recent real estate market changes and price drops, there are many new investors in the market. You may be a first-time investor who has finally been able to scoop a cash-flow positive property, or […]

Marry the House Price & Date the Rate – Interest Rates are Stabilizing

April 11, 2023

A look into the current real estate market and changing interest rates There has been a lot of change in the real estate market over the past couple of years. With raised interest rates, economic insecurity, and declining house prices, many potential buyers and sellers are feeling “stuck”. In addition, the media has portrayed a […]

7 Things Learned from 7 Years in Real Estate

March 27, 2023

Cheers to 7 years! We’ve learned, grown, and accomplished so much together. What we value as realtors… how we educate our clients… why we adopt new strategies… how we are set up for success. Here is a list of 7 things we’ve learned as a team over the past 7 years in real estate. 1. […]

Let’s Hang! Design Tips for Installing Light Fixtures, Curtains & Artwork

March 21, 2023

LIGHT FIXTURES Whether it is a foyer or great room chandelier, sconces in your bathroom, or pendants over your island, it is important to install them correctly so that the room feels balanced. Now, with these general guidelines, there are always exceptions depending on the style of the room, the type of fixture and the […]

The Selling Process

March 1, 2023

Our team has curated a new website just for you, our valued clients.   This bonus website is for our clients to better understand the Selling and Buying process and how we provide the ultimate experience. Let’s first look in-depth at the selling process…   The Selling Process Preparing to sell your home Establish […]

Love it or List it?

January 5, 2023

We all know this HGTV TV show and I always love the suspense of finding out if Hillary would succeed in renovating the house to suit the owner’s lifestyle or if David would convince them to buy a new home… It’s a little less exciting when that’s your own life and you have to make a decision. It can […]

mink group holiday photo food drive 2022

2022 Holiday Photo Food Drive – Mink Group Client Appreciation Event

December 5, 2022

On behalf of The MINK Group team, we wanted to thank you for attending our Holiday Photo Food Drive. We hope you enjoyed the event, received good photos and learned a bit more about us! Together we raised over 700lbs of donations and $550 for the Burlington Food Bank, all THANKS TO YOU! You guys […]

Blog - How to Earn Extra Income with The Mink Group real estate.

Make Money In Today’s Market

November 17, 2022

Affordability is tough in today’s market. Why not convert your basement into a rental unit? It can be a brilliant investment opportunity. The extra income can help you pay off your mortgage faster, and help you build equity. It’s a stepping-stone to starting a property investment portfolio. You can use the equity in your home […]

Blog - Trails & Tribulations with The Mink Group real estate.

The Trials & Tribulations Of Being A Landlord

November 11, 2022

I was told a long time ago that the best investment you can make is to buy dirt. Land is something they don’t make more of and there are few investments that offer a greater return than owning property. There are many different types of property ownership that make great investments. They can include but […]

Blog - First Time Home Buyers Guide (2022) with The Mink Group real estate.

First Time Home Buyers Guide (2022)

October 24, 2022

CONGRATULATIONS! You are a step closer to home ownership. This can be a very stressful time and this is why we have prepared an easy to understand guideline on the step by step process. The process is actually not that complicated, and if you make some good decisions at the outset, it should be a […]

Blog - Splurge or Save with The Mink Group real estate.

Splurge or Save

October 11, 2022

With another Thanksgiving in the books and Christmas around the corner, more time will be spent hosting family and friends while ‘breaking bread’ around the dining room table. Perhaps you’re feeling like your formal entertaining space could use a refresh, and maybe you’ve got your eye on some designer pieces but don’t want to blow […]

Blog - Buying A Home Near A School with The Mink Group real estate.

Buying A Home Near A School

September 14, 2022

As the 2022 school year has started, whether you have kids or not, you’ve probably been affected by the hustle and bustle of back to school. Reconsidering where you live? There are times when you might come across the dream home but aren’t sure whether to make an offer due to the location, and school […]