When is the best time to consider downsizing your home?

There isn’t a standard to go by; it’s an individual or family decision that should be made based on your wants, needs, and preference. The process of downsizing to a smaller home can be stressful, overwhelming, and confusing for families.



Downsizing can be a gruelling and emotionally taxing process because of the sheer volume of hard work it takes to pull it off smoothly.

Where do you start when it comes to downsizing? So, what’s first on the list to start…

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When in a Seller’s market, securing your home in a sea of competition will be more challenging than actually selling your home. Generally, a homeowner who is downsizing has some equity in their current property. This should allow you to purchase your next home (or rent) without selling your existing property first. There’s no pressure to move, so take your time and explore options. Of course, The MINK Group will help facilitate the process to get your home ready while providing you with potential properties of interest.

Downsizing means you’re moving into a smaller home, so that means the stuff you have in your three to five-bedroom house, is not going to fit into your new condo, quaint bungalow, or smaller home. Time to start decluttering! Our team will provide you with our network of trusted professionals to help clean and declutter your home.

One month to two months is typical for an average family-sized 4-bedroom home to be decluttered if you’re tackling a little every day. Tackle one room at a time and understand that it’s easy to cross into the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Generally, homeowners only move a couple of times in their life. Be prepared for some emotions and stress, and that’s okay. That’s why The MINK Group seeks to make this the smoothest transition possible; we can help coordinate, prepare for sale, hire movers, and offer recommendations for legal and financial counsel.

We work with homeowners to provide a complimentary report on the current market value of their homes. We offer tips to maximize return on the market and can give you a clear outline of what the selling process looks like.

Next, we will advise what areas may need some cosmetic work to elevate the presentation & condition of your property, so you get the most from your sale. Every person’s house is unique to them. Sometimes an “outside eye” is needed to help you prepare your largest asset for sale. We can prepare a plan or provide hands-on help to get the job done.

While in the decluttering phase when you have the manpower assistance, use that time wisely to pack your non-essentials or items you’re taking to the next home you won’t need access to when your home is listed. Strategically packing for your move as you declutter, will further reduce the burden of having to do this when it’s actually time to move.

Our team will set you up with a “Move Snap” account which provides moving concierge services for an easy moving experience.

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