burlington May 23, 2019

Rebecca on the Beach and Burlington

Our team,The Mink Group, loves what the city of Burlington has to offer and especially our beach and amenities. We have access to an incredible waterfront, beach and pier.

Rebecca explains: “I’m a mom of two little boys and they’re the light of my life. Watching them grow up in the city that I just am so passionate about, is the best feeling ever. My boys both play soccer. We’re into Judo. They love to swim, so we’re at the beach a lot. That’s one of things, people are like, “You have a beach in Burlington?” I’m like, “Yeah, we do and it’s fantastic and there’s amenities there. We watch the sunset and they grab a hotdog and that’s where we like to spend our evenings.”

The lake front is the reason why I love Burlington so much, because I feel when you go around the horseshoe and the area, we’re one of the only cities that still has that. It’s not reserved for the elite, or for the people that can afford to live on the lake. The city is alive and I love it”.

As the weather warms up, we hope you will enjoy our Burlington Downtown as much as we do.