Buyer October 24, 2022

First Time Home Buyers Guide (2022)


You are a step closer to home ownership. This can be a very stressful time and this is why we have prepared an easy to understand guideline on the step by step process.

The process is actually not that complicated, and if you make some good decisions at the outset, it should be a positive and happy experience.

The process is simple in theory:
1. Find a house that you like and can afford
2. Sign an offer that protects you and that is accepted by the seller
3. Close the purchase and move in!

If you surround yourself with a good team (us!), your experience of buying a new home should be a good one. Benefit from our experience and expertise, and allow us to deal with the issues and problems that may arise in the course of finding and buying the right house for you.

This following guide is intended to provide general information to First Time Home Buyer(s) only. It is not intended to, and does not provide legal advice nor is it intended to be relied upon. You should consult legal professionals about your specific circumstances if you need legal advice.